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October Catalog Cheats

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First, click the smallest mushroom for the Black Cape.

Secondly, click the lantern for the Ghost Costume.

Next, click the penguin’s flipper for the Black Superhero Mask.

Click the computer mouse for the Black Bowtie.

Click the piano for the Viking Helmet.

Open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

There is a new background, and older ones;) Take a look:

~ Layer11


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Hey Guys,
I’m back in action 😉

~ layer11

Closing (for a little)

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Hey guys,

Club Penguin isn’t very appealing to me right now, so I will stop posting until further notice. Thank You for your cooperation 😀

~ Layer11



This is way cool 😀 , There are black puffles around Club Penguin. when you wear your ninja suit they catch on fire! look at this:

It does the same thing in the top left and right of the Ninja Hideout. And one at the Forest and the one at the dojo entrance.

~ Layer11

New 101 Days Pin!

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There is a new pin here’s where it is.

1. Go to the Pizza Parlor.

2. Walk to the oven.

3. Answer “YES”


New Stage cheats!

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Hi guys,

Click the G in FORGOT for the Grass Skirt.

~ Layer11