Adventure Party 2009 Cheats

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Free Items

This is how to get a free prize with the scavenger hunt.

1. Go to the Pool and click on the Grey Fish.

2. Go to the Cove and click the big curly leaf.

3. Go to the Dock and click on the tiny turtle.

4. Go to the Snow Forts and click the bush next to the Super Pool sign.

5. Go to the Iceberg and click the spout of water east of your screen.

6. Go to the Plaza and click the flowers next to the binoculars.

7. Go to the Beach and click the bubbles for the Jellyfish.

8.Then finally go to the Forest and click the Flower.

The Free Item is an Adventure Party Backround. ( thought it would be better)

; (


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