Penguin Times #196

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

So check this out! Club Penguin is letting us vote for a new penguin color! It’s been 3 years since they realesed a new one ( it was Lime Green 😀 ) .

The choices are Lavender Maroon or Aqua. Personally I like Maroon but I’m sure you would like others. The winning color will be realeased in the August 9th Penguin Style.

Music Jam is tomorrow. Wow time flys by quick! 😉 . It’s mostly the same as last year. Check out the stage map.

Looks like fun? I think so! By the way the Penguin Band members and Cadence will be in separate places in servers. The Penguin Band will be at the backstage at the Dock, and Cadence will be on the roof of the Night Club! You will need to be a member to buy back stage passes.

Like last year there will be a music catalog where you can buy items backstage.

That’s all!


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