Rare Penguin Contest!

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized


Okay, It’s been awhile since I had a contest. Here’s the prize and how to play!

It has a bunch of stuff that is rare. I will post inventory video link later And It is 800 days old!

The first person to guess the day my penguin was created (E.G. October 9) will win! Happy commenting!

  1. cprocks21 says:

    my guess is october 31

  2. cprocks21 says:

    2nd guess 12/24

  3. cprocks21 says:

    3rd guess 12/30

  4. cprocks21 says:

    4th guess 12/31

  5. cprocks21 says:

    5th guess 12/28

  6. charlie13580 says:

    1st guess 3rd semptember
    2nd guess 27 October
    3rd guess 4 june

  7. charlie13580 says:

    4th guess 27 july
    5th guess 20 july

  8. charlie13580 says:

    29th december

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