Penguin Times #199

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Lets run through the newspaper shall we? ( 😀 )

First off the winner of the new color is…

Aqua! 😦 . I hoped one of the different colors that would win. On Friday put on Aqua and Light Blue and try to tell them apart LOL!

( click the image to read the full story! ) The new Club Penguin room has been semi- announced. It will be the tallest mountain. On August 15-18 Club Penguin will lift up out of the water on jet packs and propellers and that sort of stuff. Gary says it will help avoid a massive flood. I think we might be able to meet Gary. Flying sounds cool right?

Upcoming events are:

  • Underwater Adventure                               August 21st – September 10th
  • New Penguin Style                                         August 7th – September 3rd
  • Better Igloos                                                    August 21st  – September 18th
  • New pin                                                              August 14th – August 27th

I think the Underwater Adventure is the party, because if we are underwater at the time of the flight thingy we will have to go to the Tallest Mountain for safety. Then when the Under Water Party comes we will have a party under water until Club Penguin de- floods LOL. Sort of like the Water Party except under some water LOL.

~ Layer11

In other news: The reason you guys have not been seeing the latest posts from Club Penguin is simply because our Author for that stuff is not doing his job ( He will be fired today ) .  And My Club Penguin Club Penguin Party is Friday! Be sure to come and party!


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