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Thin Ice




The extra level shown below

Jet Pack Adventure

To earn 1000 coin bonus you must complete all the levels without earning a single coin. Sounds weird eh? I think so, but it works! =)

Ice Fishing

1. If you are a member always use the new ” flashing fishing  rod ” so you can get grey fish.

2. The grey fish are worth double (which is 8 coins) try to catch as many as possible they can help add up alot!

3. At the end have a yellow fish on your lure to catch the Mullet (worth 100 coins).

4. When you are playing on level one when you have four fish catch one but don’t put it in the bucket wait a little bit for two to come by then put it away quickly and get the other two. Now you will have seven instead of five. This works the same way with the others ( level 2: wait until 36. Level 3 wait until 59.).


While playing DJ3K press number 6 and the play the third tape. Wait 5-9 minutes and exit and you will have over 200 coins.

Dance Contest

Here’s a good one! Bring a purple puffle with you in the game to earn bonus cash.

To play expert difficulty in single player pick your song then click DJ Cadence’s head.

Pizzatron 3000

Before playing switch the lever on the start screen to dessert mode.

Do icing then sprinkles then whatever toppings you need.

This should help you =)

Hydro Hopper

Hydro Hopper is probably the most simple game ever.

Before playing be holding one of your wake boards. They get more points.

Life rings give you an extra life.

Try to hop over items by clicking the mouse.

Buoys can not be hopped over.

Extra Tip: If you don’t like clicking rapidly hold down space bar. You will make the jump every time.

Catchin’ Waves

Survival Mode gets coins faster

Beginners should try Surf Lesson to get the hang of it.

Surf board upgrades make you go faster.

Do tricks by clicking the mouse arrow keys and left click.

Avoid Icebergs they cost you one life.

There will be warnings before icebergs come.

Cart Surfer

Before starting be sure you are Lime Green it will make you go faster.

Flip:  Down + space bar

Spin: space bar + right or left arrow

Flying: space bar + up arrow

Grind: Hold the  down arrow before making a turn then hold down the arrow needed to make the turn.

NEVER DO THE SAME TRICK TWICE!! It lowers your score.

Astro Barrier

On the main screen before pressing enter press either 1,2, or 3 to skip levels to ten twenty or thirty

On level 10 before starting level 11 wait 25- 30 seconds and shoot the blue ship. You will be taken to the secret levels.

Once you have completed level 30 wait 30-45 seconds and shoot the turret to hit the blue ship. You will go to the expert levels.

Puffle Round-up

Attempt to get the puffles in a group before rounding them up. This makes it easier.

Turn the puffles that are closest to the edge around first. This makes them easier to catch.

The more rounds you play the more coins you receive.

Sled Racing

Be sure to have your toboggan you will earn more.

Try to go on blue ice patches. You will go a lot faster.

Watch out for the jumps rocks and logs. You will get knocked off .

Watch out for obstacles at the end of jumps you will get knocked off.

Extra tip: Choose bunny hill and stay to the left you will avoid most obstacles and get ice patches and coins faster.

Bean Counters

You can only hold 5 bags at one time.

Try to catch as many as possible.

View your score in the top right.

Drop off the bags when it is slow.

Treasure Hunt

Work with a partner to find hidden gems coins and other items.

When you see a sparkle that means a gem is there.

Try to find two sparkles next to each other. This means a crystal is nearby.

Try to dig away from each other. This will make it easier to find.

  • Coins are worth more than one
  • Gems are worth more than 25
  • Crystals are worth more than 1oo

Aqua Grabber

Don’t let your ship fill up too quickly you will sink and lose a life.

Bubbles empty out water in the ship.

Jumping out of the water lets all the water out.

Get the Grand Pearl to finish the game.

Extra Tip: Take a pink puffle with you it blows bubbles which gives you air.


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