New outfit

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Hey guys,

I am needing a new outfit and need your help. Just vote on the poll below for chice A B or C



~ Layer11


Fall Fair 2009 Cheats

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I couldn’t get my Internet working yesterday. So here are the cheats:

Okay, in no particular order go to the forest prize booth and click the cotton candy for the Cotton Candy pin.

That’s it for now!

~ Layer11

Penguin Times #203

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UPDATE: You can view the newspaper by scrolling down to the Cheats Links widget

UPDATE: We are sorry for the size please click the image to enlarge.

This newspaper looks good. You can view the ENTIRE issue below:

~ Layer11

New Koi Pin Cheat

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Hello Guys,

First off there are NO CHEATS FOR SNOW AND SPORTS! So there will be no post. But anyway here is how to find the pin!

1. Open up your map.

2. Click the cove.

3. Walk over to the pin.

That’s all!


I’ve got something to show you! A new Snow and Sport catalog comes out on Friday – It’s full of new stuff like football and some cheerleader wigs. Check out the preview below:

FootballHelmetsSketch.jpgI thought it was pretty awesome! What do you think?

~ Layer11

First Click the Stove top for the Bowling Pin.

Next Click the top left window for the Bowling alley.

Next Click the stove buttons for the Fridge.

Click the Gramaphone to get the Band Stage.

Click the Stone Column Ruins to get the Guitar Stand.

Click the Bamboo Torch for the LCD TV.

Click the Midevil Banner for the Penguin Knight sculpture.

~ Layer11

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